BB45 Ku-Band

We have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing stabilized satellite antennas with excellent performance in radio frequency and tracking capabilities, mainly for professional and recreational maritime use, for land mobile hi-end, military and law enforcement.

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The BB45 Ku AAU is an innovative airborne stabilized VSAT antenna systems, largely based on the same design and technical-functional characteristics of the model BB30 Ku. The BB45 AAU providing quality broadband communication via satellite to various airborne platforms. Designed to accommodate the current and future needs of the airborne market, is built to empower mission and business-critical applications.

The antenna is mechanically steerable and is intended for tail or fuselage-mounting. In a typical tail mount installation, the existing radome is used. In a fuselage mount installation, a special radome must be added to the installation.

This antenna is highly directional and is designed to operate in the Ku-Band Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) band on geostationary or geosynchronous satellites. The antenna is steerable in elevation, azimuth and polarization to track the satellite during all ground and airborne motion.

The BB45 Ku provides full stabilization using a three axes (elevation, azimuth and cross level) mechanical system, and offers agile and superior tracking performances in combination with an improved software and high precision inertial sensor, excluding the need for external gyro.

The high reliability of the active antenna pointing system adopted ensures the keeping and maintaining the link even in the harshest operating conditions and at high angular accelerations, such as those imposed by the avionics platform in combat evolutions.

For these reasons no error is also introduced by the parallax due to the different positions of the terminal toward the orbit of the satellite, keeping in all operating conditions the angular accuracy within the tolerance range (<0.2 °).

The carbon fiber dish manufactured in sandwich for maximum stiffness at the minimum weight, improves RF efficiency, optimized for use with Ku band systems. The feed and the dish benefit from state-of-the art computer simulation software used in aerospace missions design.

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